International Journal of Technology, Management & Knowledge Processing


Volume Issue Date Online Volume-1, Issue-1, August 2021
Published by: Woxsen University
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Paper Title : Designing of Deep Learning based program for
Authors : Ayushee Diwan. Raju Poddar
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Paper Title :Hardware Implementation of Parallel adder/ Subtractor and Complex Multiplier using Xilinx IP-Core
Authors : B. Khaleelu Rehman, Waaiz Mohammad, Mudasar Basha, Salauddin Mohammad
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Paper Title :Smart Agriculture Architecture and Current State in India
Authors : Parul Verma
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Paper Title :Artificial Intelligence And Its Applications In Service Industry – A Review
Authors :Rajesh Ittamalla, Sona Mohammed
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Paper Title :The impact of integrating AI  in Insurance and Health Care 
Authors :Deepak Nadipalli, Arvind Reddy, Sai Nandan Damera and Sai Kalyan Akshit
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